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Angle Cutter / Air Nibbler

ZAC-354L 3inch Extended Air Angle Cutter

ZAC-354L 3inch Extended Air Angle Cutter

Non-Vacuum Rust & Paint Removal Tools (Low Noise) Innovative 180o rotational handle for precise leverage and control. Unique double side safety guards and integrated dust extraction. system for safe and clean operation. Planetary gear system for increased torque. Ergonomic cushion grip insulates against cold and vibration. Swivel exhaust outlet in rear of tool allows easy operations. [...]

ZCG3144MCC-9 3 in 1 Air Sprayer & Caulking Gun 3 in 1 Air Sprayer & Caulking Gun for Sachet & Cartridge Piston Rod Type mechanism Alum. Pipe w/ Pin regulator, Quick Exhaust Valve Needle Regulator, Handle Grip & Wide Spray Nozzle

ZVC5111ES Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with Rack LxWxH: 640x465x1290mm Features Automatic syncs by both air tool and power tool. Lightweight and Powerful. Triple Filtration System. Light weight composite housing design. Use for both Electric & Air sanders. Two types startup control: manual or automatic startup. Speed adjustment for various sanding application. Ideal for wood furniture industry [...]

Angle Sander / Orbital Sander / Polisher

ZP347-C5 Central Vacuum 2-Hand Random Orbital Sanders

ZP347-C5 Central Vacuum 2-Hand Random Orbital Sanders The 2-hand handle and low vibration combined to provide superior 5mm control and flawless finishes. Durable lightweight composite housing design.

ZIW3207JK-M 3/8 inch Micro Mini Air Impact Wrench Kit

Angle Sander / Orbital Sander / Polisher

ZP337-C6 Central Vacuum 2-Hand Gear-Driven Sanders

ZP337-C6 Central Vacuum 2-Hand Gear-Driven Sanders The strength and power of this sander lets you remove heavy material and body filler on large, flat surfaces leaving a swirl-free finish. A long life, vibration-free performance

ZRD3625C 1/2 inch Air Reversible Drill Composite Housing

Spring Balancer

ZSB1200 Spring Balancer

ZSB1200 Spring Balancer Features Cost-efficient, practical and compact. It uses rotatory Adjusting Cover for easier tension adjustment without burden. Fast and convenient installation. In addition, anti-falling steel wire mounting holes are provided, which must be installed to avoid the failure of the original mounting location. The housing is made of rustproof iron shell. The steel wires and nylon ropes [...]

SS043 pulse Wrench(In Line Type)

Angle Sander / Orbital Sander / Polisher

ZOS3-216-N5 Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders

ZOS3-216-N5 Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders Benefits Low profile & ergonomic housing design Powerful & productivity Less Vibration Balanced design for smooth operation and greater comfort Features Ergonomic housing design. Hardened Steel Alloy Cylinder for more durable & longevity. Innovative Anti-Dust Protection system . Lube Free Design eliminates contamination of the work environment.

Universal Swivel Air Inlet Joint

ZA-5SG2 Pressure regulator w/gauge

3 units selectable: PSI, BAR, Kpa