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ZAH-594K Shock Reduced Air Hammer Kit-Round Features Designed with following patents for assuring the best shock reduction and operator’s comfort. 1) Portable pneumatic tool assembled with module units. 2) Suspension vibration-reducing means for portable pneumatic tools. Alloy steel made impact parts, heat-treated for durability. Quick Change Retainer for simple accessory changes. Ergonomic handle with rubber [...]

Angle Sander / Orbital Sander / Polisher

ZOS3-216-C5 Central Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders

ZOS3-216-C5 Central Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders Benefits Low profile & ergonomic housing design. Powerful & productivity. Less Vibration. Balanced design for smooth operation and greater comfort. 3-in-1 hose design same as FESTOOL IAS 2 Connection. ; supplies air, extracts dust, and provides an exhaust all through one hose. Features Ergonomic housing design. Hardened Steel Alloy Cylinder [...]

ZTG-1211 Storm Cleaning Gun – Plastic tube Features Patented water atomization mechanism. Patented 2 in 1 cap for use with regulator bottle or PET bottles. Easiest and fastest wet or dry cleaning tool for automotive interiors,engine bay, carpets, floor mats, etc.

ZIW440 1/2 inch Mini Impact Wrench

ZAG7075AC Air Angle Grinder

Shock Reduced Riveting Hammer

ZRH-134N 4X Shock Reduced Air Riveting Hammer

ZRH-134N 4X Shock Reduced Air Riveting Hammer Features Patented Shock Reduced Mechanism. Low vibration design to prevent operator’s injury after long time use. Ergonomic handle with rubber made exhaust muffler for added operator’s comfort. Optional patented Universal Swivel Air Inlet Joint for the best maneuverability of the tool. Use for aero space & general automotive industries, [...]

Mini Sander / Mini Polisher

ZP389K 3 inh Mini Polisher Kit

ZP389K 3 inh Mini Polisher Kit 5/16″-24 Features: Composite Motor Housing Handle Exhaust Low Noise 80 dB(A) [ Accessories ] 1pc 3″ Mini Polisher 1pc Key Wrench 1pc 3″ Velcro Sanding Pad (Installed) 1pc 3-1/2″ Bonnet 1pc 3-1/2″ Yellow Compounding Pad 1pc 3-1/2″ White Compounding Pad

Torque Control Air Screwdriver

ZB61MC Air Screwdriver(In Line Type)

ZB61MC Air Screwdriver(In Line Type)

ZRD1600 3/8 inch Industrial Air Reversible Drill

ZRT1820 3/16 inch Cordless Riveter – 18V Brush motor Ergonomic and light weight 21mm stroke Borken mandrel self reject mechanism Build-in LED illuminates Variable speed with elec feedback for increased power and control Soft grip handle External changeable carbon brush 2.0Ah battery (Li-Ion)

Long Reach Scraper

ZKJ241-3L Long Reach Scraper

ZKJ241-3L Long Reach Scraper Features & Benefits Light weight aluminium tools for flexible vertical and floor application. Low air consumption, will run from small 2HP compressor. Clean up of paint & chemical spillages. Rail track and infrastructure maintenance. Peeling Paint removal in hard to reach areas. Quickly clean large areas. Remove paint from checker plate using needle attachment. [...]

ZL-8800W 8W COB LED Work Light – White