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ZIW1200 1inch Composite Impact Wrench  

Needle Scaler / Chisel Scaler

ZKJ31-12 Air Needle Scalers

ZKJ31-12 Air Needle Scalers Composite Straight Needle Scaler Features & Benefits Needle scaler for industrial application Sturdy and simple design for heavy and wide applications Superior design with internal spring components provides greater durability

Universal Swivel Air Inlet Joint

ZA-944 1/2 inch Swivel Joint-Alum.

ZA-944 1/2 inch Swivel Joint-Alum. ZIPP SWIVEL-360º Free-directional rotation air hose universal joints. The ZIPP SWIVEL is a patented, uniquely designed “Universal Swivel Air Inlet Joint” that connects portable air tools to an air line. it swivels 360º to allow the hose hanging straight down to the floor no matter how the tool is held. The ZIPP [...]

Air Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tools

ZRS1606MD Air Rivet Stud Tool-W/Digital Module

ZRS1606MD Air Rivet Stud Tool-W/Digital Module Features Features with the most advanced patented digital module to enable operators know the rivet tool setting capacity instantly under various air supply condition and the rivet setting cycles performed during their working period. It will also remind operators when to do service or maintenance to the tool in proper interval. [...]

USA Made Chipping Hammer / Clay Digger

ZCH-03C(H) Chipping Hammer

ZCH-03C(H) Chipping Hammer “C” Type Features ZCH 2, 3, and 4″ stroke chipper has a durable 4 bolt D handle and inside trigger for chipping concrete in parking garages, highway pillars and light demolition and building restoration. Machined from premium alloy steel Forged G handle Cast D handle with inside rubberized trigger High shock tool [...]

Concrete Breakers

ZKJ41S Concrete Breaker

ZKJ41S Concrete Breaker Features & Benefits Simple structure for less maintenance. Powerful hitting power and low reacting. Use for destroy the concretes, asphalt path, building and infrastructure. Medium size service/general demolition breaker. Long stroke cylinder provides maximum impact energy, giving a harder impact than similarly sized standard breakers. The best choice for applications in medium hard materials and where you need lower weight [...]

Laser welding removal Tool

ZWR-3212K Laser welding removal Tool Kit

ZWR-3212K Laser welding removal Tool Kit Benefits Compact angle head housing design for quick and easy use. Ergonomic Grip 0.5hp Powerful & Durable Ideal tool & specifically designed to deal with the latest technique in vehicle assembly laser welding Features High speed cutting wheel made of a specially hardened metal. Depth of cut limitation-optional at either [...]

ZVG784-BP 7 inch Vertical Grinder

ZRH-132NK 2X Shock Reduced Air Riveting Hammer Kit Features Patented Shock Reduced Mechanism. Low vibration design to prevent operator’s injury after long time use. Ergonomic handle with rubber made exhaust muffler for added operator’s comfort. Optional patented Universal Swivel Air Inlet Joint for the best maneuverability of the tool. Use for aero space & general automotive [...]

ZIW685 3/4 inch Impact Wrench

Die Grinder / Angle Die Grinder

ZDG-3226 115° Air Angle Die Grinder

ZDG-3226 115° Air Angle Die Grinder The ZDG-3226 Angle Die Grinder is ideal for high speed grinding and polishing. It can be used in finishing dies and metal molds, smoothing and shaping sheet metal and cast iron, weld finishing and other high speed polishing applications. Can use with 1/4″(6mm) or 1/8″(3mm) grinding accessories.

ZCH-394BK Shock Reduced Construction Air Hammer Kit Features Designed with following patents for assuring the best shock reduction and operator’s comfort. 1) Portable pneumatic tool assembled with module units. 2) Suspension vibration-reducing means for portable pneumatic tools. Alloy steel made impact parts, heat-treated for durability. Quick Change Retainer for simple accessory changes. Ergonomic handle with [...]